Wasting Time…

How much time do you waste everyday concerned what others think of you? Do you make decisions, lose sleep, or give in to pressure out of a desire to be liked?

The reality is not everyone will like you nor even respect you. The person you need to be concerned with – and whether they respect you – is the one you look at in the mirror each day.

This is not an excuse to become an a-hole. Instead, think of your time like you do your money and invest it wisely. Don’t waste it on inconsequential people or drama. Love yourself, your family and your true friends. All of them will love you for who you are – faults and all.

Scott Gulbransen is an accomplished social media, public relations, and digital marketing pro and thought leader. Having managed public relations, social media and digital marketing at brands like Intuit, Applebee’s and H&R Block, and in college athletics. He recently left his role as Global Head of Digital Content at Haymon Boxing, creators of the Premier Boxing Champions series. Gulbransen now is owner/partner in Classic Rock Coffee Co. in Las Vegas, and also serves as the State Director of Communications for AARP Nevada. Gulbransen resides in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas. #BattleBorn