New Season of "Catching Up With Heroes" Begins Next Week

A passion project I started in 2020 will be back as I talk to those who impact me or impact others through action like mentorship, success, and more

Excited that I now have the time to restart my passion project podcast “Catching Up With Heroes.”

Catching up with heroes is a podcast where I talk with those people who have influenced my life both personally and professionally. They are the people from all walks of life that I looked up to and still do up close or from a distance.

No one goes through life without the strong presence of influencers and mentors. This podcast is my way of sharing those people – their backgrounds and accomplishments – and the profound influence they’ve had on me and their community. They are people from the world of sports, education, business, politics, you name it. The purpose is simple: to explore how people impact your life both very intimately, but also from afar.

We don’t achieve peace, happiness, and success without role models and influences. This show explores those who have influenced Scott’s – we hope you enjoy it.

We’ll release our first show of Season 2 next week so go subscribe. Our first two pilot episodes are below. You can subscribe there on your favorite podcast platform.