Embrace Change, Overcome Fear

So often we give in to fear and refuse to change our situation whether its in life or our careers. What are we afraid of? Almost everything.

How often do you wish things were different?

How often do you wish you had a better job?

How often do you wish you had a better house?

How often do you wish your finances were in better shape?

How often do you opine about changing but don’t do anything to create the change?

Change is hard for all human beings. We have an irrational amount of fear of the unknown. Even being miserable in a known situation somehow convinces us a change could be worse for us despite unhappiness.

Fear and its crippling impact on all we do sometimes holds us back. We find excuses. We tell ourselves having something is worth more than risking a new direction and the risks associated with it.

Career-wise, we ask: what if I don’t find a better job or career?

At home, we ask: what if I move and my kids, wife, husband, or significant other aren’t happy?

We find all sorts of reasons to keep the status quo even if it’s killing us. Comfort and the known somehow are considered a better option than the hard work, risk, and change associated with bettering our situation.

The reality is this: it’s not. Perceived security and comfort are not security at all. The inner voice and dialogue fool you into thinking it is. How will you know how successful or happy you can be without taking risks and making the jump?

The most expensive thing in life is regret. Don’t have regrets. Make the jump - even without a parachute.

Happiness and fulfillment won’t just find you. You must find it.

And, sometimes, it’s in an unexpected place - far from where you are now.