Belief in Blind Loyalty

“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely, or not loyal at all.” — Sharnay

Loyalty is often expected, but rarely given

Do you believe in blind loyalty? Is it important to you in your everyday life? In people? In friends and family? Does it exist?

Loyalty has been on my mind a great deal the past year. Whether it be in my personal life, or in my professional life. My experiences have taught me it is a precious and valuable quality. Most are not deserving of it nor do they give it in a real and genuine way.

Blind loyalty is a bit of a misnomer. Those who give it do not overlook faults, mistakes or the foibles of those they give it to. Instead, they accept missteps and stumbles and wrongs because they believe. They believe in their friends/family enough to know they will return the loyalty. Humans are a flawed species. Most of us accept this and recognize no one lives life without falling down.

At the core of it, those we invest our loyalty and friendship in are our responsibility. Much like family, we take on responsibility to help them reach their best. In return, they do the same for us. It is an investment that requires commitment and dedication. Today, many seem to value more surface-level, inch-deep relationships. Going deeper requires that investment. Many are not willing — or capable — of giving that.

For those of us who still believe in it, many times it means people falling short of your expectations. Does that mean we should lower those expectations to be more carefree? Happier?

I reject that notion.

Expecting and demanding loyalty from friends may mean you’re often disappointed. Yet for those who return it, the bond and the impact it has on our lives is profound.

Giving — and getting — this blind loyalty might mean your circle of friends is smaller than you expected. Despite this, I find life is richer and more uplifting when you’re surrounded with those who are loyal.

In the end, I may not always be the best friend. Nor the most understanding, or perfect friend. But I am loyal to the end.

That’s what friends should be. Are you?

Scott Gulbransen is an accomplished social media, public relations, and digital marketing pro and thought leader. Having managed public relations, social media and digital marketing at brands like Intuit, Applebee’s and H&R Block, and in college athletics. In 2014, Gulbransen was named Global Head of Digital Content at Haymon Boxing, creators of the Premier Boxing Champions series. In two short years, he helped build the most digitally advanced team in the history of the sport. Gulbransen now is owner/partner in Classic Rock Coffee Co. in Las Vegas, and also serves as the State Director of Communications for AARP Nevada. Gulbransen resides in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas. #BattleBorn